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【Good News: Four Invited Talks!!】 Look into the "Keynote Speakers" column for detail.

Invited Talk 1: Neurological Therapeutic Medical Robot, PARO, for Non-pharmacological Therapy 

Speaker: Takanori Shibata (Chief Senior Research Scientist, National Institute of
Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Japan)


Invited Talk 2:  International co-operation to challenge the 4th Industrial Revolution based on intelligent science and industrial technology 

Speaker: Jianping Jing (CEO, KTI Semiconductor Manufacturing Machine Co., Ltd)


Invited Talk 3: New schools encompassing undergraduate and graduate education and Programs for leading graduate schools in Tokyo Tech  

Speaker: Masayuki Yamamura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)


Invited Talk 4: Kukai-method based Idea Creation Support System 

Speaker: Fangyan DONG  (Tokyo Institute of Technology)